Iron Horse Park

Projects Completed, Active, Planned, or Being Considered for 2014.

There are always more projects "on the go" or on our wish list which we would love to start, progress, and complete. Significant effort is required by our members and volunteers to simply "keep the operations running". This includes track, equipment, and facility maintenance, gardens and flower beds, and activities related to the open public days on Sundays, parties and many other special events.

Shortages of funds and volunteer time remain constant barriers though proceeds raised through Casinos and generous donations from our sponsors and visitors are an immense help.

Here are a few projects on the books for this year which we would like to progress, and their status.

Key project for 2014 - Complete the construction of a new Locomotive Shed.
The current storage facility for locomotives is proving inadequate. We need to build a secure shelter to house locomotives. Ideally the shelter should be larger than the current one (which is a converted 20 foot container).
The location has been determined (see location on the Track Plan Link). Additional requirements have been determined as part of the design phase.
Design & planning 2012/13.
Completion 2014.
City has OK'd in principle, designed settled, getting quotes, detailed drawings to the city, formal approval & start construction, spring 2014.
Landscaping improvements.
In addition to lawn mowing, weed control and tree watering, we aim to continue overall landscape improvements.
  • We have no major tree planting initiative planned at this time but we continue to look for opportunities to obtain healthy trees at a low price.
  • We will likely continue build a pathway system to help define the areas where the public may enjoy views of the park. The last planned extension is from the Totem Mountain playground/play train, to Vancouver.
  • The focus this year will continue to be saving trees already planted (mostly stake and manually watering them.
  • Year end 2014 Not started.
    Build and Install Additional 0.9 km of Track, 2 Sidings and Switches.
    Year over year, significant effort goes into the maintenance of our Track infrastructure. Going forward we plan to augment that infrastructure with additional track and sidings to increase our number of running options. Progress this far:
  • Plan was Proposed August 2012 and Revised March 2013
  • Previously built track in storage was put down between Vancouver and the cross track between the station and the old club house. It is ready to be hooked up, leveled, and ballasted.
  • Two new switches were built during the winter months
  • Building of more track during the winter months with supplies on hand.
  • Minor adjustments to the new steam yard need to be done
  • Also potentially building at least two or more switches to allow for the construction of passing sidings.
  • Work on two switches was completed.

    Waiting for snow to melt.
    End 2014
    Re-Branding of our New Dash-9 Locomotive and Rail cars.
    In 2011, we purchased a Gas Hydraulic Dash-9 locomotive. This locomotive started operations at the end of our 2011 season. It has proven to be a real workhorse. It is currently painted Blue and carries the mark "Cascade & Western Railroad". We plan to change the looks of this locomotive to reflect our "Airdrie and Nose Creek Railroad".
    We have chosen Green with Grey and Yellow as a color scheme as well as the design of an appropriate logo. Five new 8 foot rail cars (built in 2011) have already been painted green. Painting of the locomotive is now complete.
    We have also purchased and received a new shell for the "slug" to make the assembly look more like a double header locomotive. And since this slug was also the driving car, we have now also completed a new 2 seater driving car. This new shell has been painted green and striped. Completion of this project is now scheduled for 2014.
    Complete except for decals which are on order. Mid 2014.
    Multiple projects of various size and scope.
  • Installation of additional track signals.
  • No targetIn Progress
  • Installation of crossing signals at entry to the station platform and exit of tunnel past Vancouver.
  • Season OpeningComplete
    2 planned sets now operational
  • Planning and participation in numerous initiatives such as Supertrain,
  • AirdrieFest,
  • Alberta Summer Games, July 24 to 27
  • ARTember,
  • etc., TBD
  • During 2014TBD
  • Preparation for our next Casino Fund Raising event (need more volunteers).
  • July 2 and 3, 2014Confirmed
  • Improve delineation and signage for public and private areas on the park.
  • Spring 2014In Progress