Iron Horse Park

Projects Completed, or Significantly Progressed during 2013.

There are always more projects "on the go" or on our wish list which we would love to start, progress, and complete. Significant effort is required by our members and volunteers to simply "keep the operations running". This includes track, equipment, and facility maintenance, gardens and flower beds, and activities related to the open public days on Sundays, parties and many other special events.

Shortages of funds and volunteer time remain constant barriers though proceeds raised through Casinos and generous donations from our sponsors and visitors are an immense help.

Here are a few projects on the books for this year which we would like to progress, and their status.

Landscaping improvements.
In addition to lawn mowing, weed control and tree watering, in 2013 we aim to continue overall landscape improvements through planting of trees. We have begun to build a pathway system to help define the areas where the public may enjoy views of the park. Over 200 trees were planted in 2012. The focus this year has been on saving them (mostly stake and manually watering them.
The pathway system has progressed significantly (see next item).
Year end 2013 Planned work completed.
Totem Mountain Playground.
Clearing of the area and construction was begun on Totem Mountain for a playground for children children early in the season. A wooden train set is being built for kids to climb and play on. Two picnic tables have also been set up. The pathway system from the station to the Totem Mountain playground was also completed. Fall 2013. Complete.
Build and Install Additional 0.9 km of Track and 2 Sidings and Switches.
Year over year, significant effort goes into the maintenance of our Track infrastructure. Going forward we plan to augment that infrastructure with additional track and sidings to increase our number of running options. Progress this far:
  • Plan was Proposed August 2012 and Revised March 2013
  • A new switch to the planned steam yard, North end of the old clubhouse was built, and installed in 2012. Track work off of this switch extending to the new yard, a 3 way switch into the yard and the yard itself is now complete and tied in, and ready for use.
  • A new switch was built, installed, and "tied in" to Track 4.
  • Previously built track in storage was put down between Vancouver and the cross track between the station and the old club house. It is ready to be hooked up, leveled, and ballasted in 2014.
  • All planned work was Completed.
    Ongoing into 2014
    Build an additional 3 Ballast cars to support track expansion plan.
    Our Track Expansion plan will require us to shuttle lots of Ballast (crushed rock) between the storage area next to the car barn and the new track. Three additional cars were needed to carry Ballast to reduce the number of overall trips. At this point:
  • All three cars have been built and painted
  • Wheel sets were purchased and installed and the cars are now operational
  • Completed.
    June 2013
    Re-Branding of our New Dash-9 Locomotive and Rail cars.
    In 2011, we purchased a Gas Hydraulic Dash-9 locomotive. This locomotive started operations at the end of our 2011 season. It has proven to be a real workhorse. It is currently painted Blue and carries the mark "Cascade & Western Railroad". We plan to change the looks of this locomotive and its rail cars to acknowledge the contribution of the City of Airdrie to our society by re-branding it to "Airdrie and Nose Creek Railroad".
    We have chosen Green with Grey and Yellow as a color scheme as well as the design of an appropriate logo. Five new 8 foot rail cars (built in 2011) have already been painted green. Painting of the locomotive may again need to wait till next year for it's new colors as it is needed for our regular Sunday and Frostbite runs.
    We have also purchased and received a new shell for the "slug" to make the assembly look more like a double header locomotive. And since this slug was also the driving car, we are now in the process of building a new 2 seater driving car. This new shell has been painted green and striped. Completion of this project is now scheduled into 2014.
    In Progress Mid 2014.
    Complete the planning, design, and Start construction of a new Locomotive Shed.
    The current storage facility for locomotives is proving inadequate. We need to build a secure shelter to house locomotives. Ideally the shelter should be larger than the current one (which is a converted 20 foot container).
    The shelter must be heated (at least capable of keeping temperature above freezing year round). It needs to be properly electrified, lit, and ventilated so as to be suitable to charge the locomotive batteries.
    The location has been determined (see location on the Track Plan Link). Additional requirements have been determined as part of the design phase.
    Design & planning 2012/13.
    Completion 2014.
    City has OK'd in principle, designed settled, getting quotes, detailed drawings to the city, formal approval & start construction, spring 2014.
    Other, community focused projects.
  • Planning and participation in numerous initiatives such as Supertrain (where we raised over $3000 for the Calgary Food Bank),
  • AirdrieFest,
  • a "free" run day (where we raised over $1,500 for Red cross Flood Relief),
  • ARTember activities in the station and free rides to thank our supporters and the public,
  • ...and many more.
  • During 2013Completed