Iron Horse Park

Projects Completed, or Progressed during 2012.

There are always more projects "on the go" or on our wish list which we would love to start, progress, and complete. Significant effort is required by our members and volunteers to simply "keep the operations running". This includes track, equipment, and facility maintenance, gardens and flowerbeds, and activities related to the open public days on Sundays, parties and many other special events.

Shortages of funds and volunteer time remain constant barriers though proceeds raised through Casinos and generous donations from our sponsors and visitors are an immense help.

Here are a few projects progressed during 2012, and their status.

Rebuild of our AC4400 locomotive (aka, Big Red).
This project includes the entire take apart of the locomotive, rebuilding the motors, major re-wiring of the unit, verification of the batteries, re-machining the wheels, reassembly, sanding and painting of the shell as well as producing new stencils. Start of Operating season Complete.
Landscaping improvements.
In addition to lawn mowing, weed control and tree watering, in 2012 we continued overall landscape improvements through planting of trees. Funds were specifically allocated for this activity.
We also began building a pathway system to help define the areas where the public may enjoy views of the park. However musc of this work needed to be postponed so that we could turn our attention to watering the trees (by hand)
Ongoing but over 200 trees were planted in 2012. In Progress.
The Wind Mill Project.
We would love to erect a small "old style" farm wind mill in the area known as Vancouver. We would like this structure to draw water from a known aquifer to supply our pond (aka. our "Burrard Inlet"). Depending of the availability of naturally provided water, we would use this to water the trees in the area. CANCELLED. There is a moratorium on making any changes to the watershed in this area. This project cannot be pursued.
Build and Install Additional 0.7 km of Track and 2 Sidings.
Significant effort has gone into the maintenance of our Track infrastructure. However we would like to augment that infrastructure with additional track and sidings to increase the number of running options. Progress this far:
  • Plan was Proposed August 2012
  • A new switch to the planned steam yard at the North end of the old clubhouse was built in July and August, and installed September 5.
  • In Progress.
    Ongoing into 2013. See revised trackplan on the 2013 page.
    Re-Branding of our New Dash-9 Locomotive and Railcars.
    In 2011, we purchased a Gas Hydraulic Dash-9 locomotive. This locomotive started operations at the end of our last season and has proven to be a real workhorse so far this season. It is currently painted Blue and carries the mark "Cascade & Western Railroad". We would like to rebrand this locomotive and railcars to acknowledge the contribution of the City of Airdrie to our society by re-branding it to "Airdrie and Nose Creek Railroad".
    We have chosen Green with Grey and Yellow color detail and are working on the design of an appropriate logo. As of mid June the rail cars (newly built in 2011) have already been painted. Painting of the locomotive will likely need to wait till the fall for it's new colors as it is needed for our regular Sunday runs.
    In Progress Because of the need to keep this locomotive operational, this project has been moved into 2013.
    Start the planning, design, and construction of a new Locomotive Shed.
    The current storage facility for locomotives is proving inadequate. We need to build a secure shelter to house locomotives. Ideally the shelter should be larger than the current one (which is a converted 20 foot container.
    The shelter should be heated (at least capable of keeping temperature above freezing year round). It needs to be properly electrified, lit, and ventilated so as to be suitable to charge the locomotive batteries.
    Design & planning 2012.
    Completion 2013.
    Multiple projects of various size and scope.
  • Building of five new 8 foot Riding cars.
  • Spring 2012Complete
  • Installation of 4 additional track signals.
  • NoneIn Progress
  • Installation of more crossing signals.
  • NoneIn Progress
    1 set is operational
  • Planning and participation in numerous initiatives such as AirdrieFest, ARTember, etc.
  • During 2012Complete
  • Additional shelter structure in Vancouver and/or Croft Hollow.
  • NoneHigh level cost estimate determined this to be prohibitive at this time.
  • Preparation for our next Casino Fund Raising event (need more volunteers).
  • Jan 1/2, 2013Complete
  • Rebuild the Public accessible Website.
  • July 12Complete.
  • Rebuild the Members Only Website.
  • November 1Completed September 15