Iron Horse Park

Projects Completed in 2011.

There are always more projects "on the go" or on our wish list which we would love to start, progress, and complete. Significant effort is required by our members and volunteers to simply "keep the operations running". This includes track, equipment, and facility maintenance, gardens and flowerbeds, and activities related to the open public days on Sundays, parties and many other special events.

Shortages of funds and volunteer time remain constant barriers though proceeds raised through Casinos and generous donations from our sponsors and visitors are an immense help.

Here are the projects "over and above" operational activities which we completed in 2011.

Build a brand new Car Barn/Storage facility.
This major project included the Design, Construction application and approvals, the move of the old car storage container, site preparation, construction, painting and final approval from the city. It also included the building of 2 specialized switches and installation of 4 x 100 feet of track inside the Car Barn. Spring 2012 Operational.
Building of five new Riding cars and one "Conductor's Caboose".
Five additional riding cars were built to accommodate the increasing interest from the public at our public run days. The new cars were built in 8 foot length instead of the usual 6 feet because the new locomotive we were planning to purchase had additional pulling capacity.

In addition to the woodwork and seat upholstery, 10 sets of trucks (20 axles and 40 wheels) had to be machined and assembled. The new cars are also equipped with electrical wiring which we hope to use for emergency communications from the back to the front of the train.
Spring 2012 Started 2011.
Multiple projects of various size and scope.
  • Completion and Installation of 2 new track signals.
  • JulyOctober
  • Installation of one "test" crossing signal West of the Station.
  • JulyCompleted
  • Planning, preparation, and participation in numerous initiatives such as AirdrieFest, ARTember, etc.
  • Over 2011Completed
  • Rebuild of our AC4400 locomotive (aka, Big Red).
  • May 2012Started
  • Participation in a Casino Fund Raising event.
  • JulyCompleted
  • Hold meetings and promotional sessions to lobby the city to extend our lease.
  • NovemberExtended 2027
  • Worked with Boys & Girls club on both Stampede and Halloween events.
  • July/OctoberCompleted
  • Purchase and planting of almost 200 trees and bushes around the park.
  • NovemberCompleted
  • Arrange for the purchase and shipping of our new Dash-9 Locomotive.
  • NovemberCompleted