Iron Horse Park

Railway hobby related items FOR SALE by our members.

This is available for sale to members and to the general public.

Cargo Trailer with 7-1/2" Gauge tracks.


It is two years old and is in like new condition. It measures 8 feet by 5 feet and has 3 tracks (7 1/2 inch ga.) built into the floor-each is 8 feet in length. I bought it new and now I need a larger trailer.

My asking price is $2500. I had a very large Duluth Missabe & Iron Range decal on the left side but it began to peel off. I tried to remove it but some of the decal glue is still on the side panel.

Please contact Graham Wood via email at or call him at 780-987-2555.

Rail cars are, of course, not included in the sale.